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Liberty® Health Stethoscopes represent quality and performance for the discerning health care professional and student alike. We have a large range of stethoscopes covering all disciplines and usages demanded by the busy health and allied sectors such as pediatric and neonate stethoscopes, doctors dual head stethoscopes and cardiology stethoscopes. All Liberty® products are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects. 50 years of experience by our manufacturer makes Liberty® a quality product.
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The Liberty® Nebuliser Pump is the product of 20 years of extensive research and development to provide the patient with the most cost effective, versatile and reliable pump on the market.


The Liberty® Nebuliser Pump has been designed with high performance as a priority. From the air intake filter through to the nebuliser bowl, nothing has been left to chance. The motor and precision pump assembly allows continuous operation without the annoying short-term usage times or cool down periods associated with similarly priced pumps. Use it whenever you want, how often you want and for how long you want.


Having a compact and contemporary design, the Liberty® Nebuliser Pump is a quality product suitable for use with a wide variety of medications recommended by your doctor for the treatment and/or relief of respiratory complaints.


  • Continuously rate for constant use
  • Contemporary compact styling
  • Super quiet operation
  • Compartment for storage of accessories
  • Complete with: 1 Adult Mask, 1 Child Mask, 1 Nebuliser Bowl, 1 Supply Tubing and 1 Mouthpiece

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