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Liberty® Health Stethoscopes represent quality and performance for the discerning health care professional and student alike. We have a large range of stethoscopes covering all disciplines and usages demanded by the busy health and allied sectors such as pediatric and neonate stethoscopes, doctors dual head stethoscopes and cardiology stethoscopes. All Liberty® products are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects. 50 years of experience by our manufacturer makes Liberty® a quality product.
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We can make nurses kits to suit your requirements with any of the following mix of products:

  • stethoscopes
  • sphygmomanometers
  • thermometers
  • diagnostic torches
  • tourniquets
  • nurses pouches
  • watches
  • forceps
  • scissors
  • resus masks
  • 4-colour pens
  • reflex hammers
  • tape measure
  • universal scissors
  • paramedic pouches
  • tuning forks



We will provide pricing based on the items required for each kit. Please contact us for information on your local supplier of Liberty products.



A quality dissection kit, geared specifically for school, college students and teachers, are a great learning and exploring tool. Containing instruments necessary to perform complete dissection in a vinyl zippered wallet. This dissecting kit is designed to meet the requirements of students in middle/high school right through to university level anatomy courses.


BASIC Dissecting Kit consists of:

  • 1 Seeker
  • 3 Scalpel Blades
  • 1 Blunt Forcep
  • 1 pair 12.5 cm SH/BL Surgical Scissors
  • 1 pair 10 cm Iris Dissecting Scissors
  • 2 Mounted Dissecting Needles
  • 1 Pointed Forceps
  • Supplied in a zippered wallet


A dissection lab will require use of dissecting kits. We offer a range of dissecting kits that are tailored to meet specific lab requirements. These dissecting kits will generally be geared towards either plant or animal dissection.


Each academic level requires different dissection kit. Smaller dissecting kits (Basic dissection kit) will be for elementary age, which will focus on small specimens such as flowers or earthworms. Larger, more advanced dissecting kits will be for dissecting frog, fetal pigs, and larger preserved animals.


If you think you need more tools you can order from our large collection of dissecting tools along with a dissecting kit(s) that is more suitable to your needs.

All equipment included in our kits are designed to meet university requirements for nursing students Australia wide.


Nursing students and the general public can purchase kits direct from our Unikits online shop here. Institutions and wholesale customers, please use the ‘Product Enquiry’ form on this product page to request more information.

Visit the AxisHealth website for a more intensive selection of devices, consumables and services that are now offered.




Please use this form to enquire about any of the above products, so that one of our friendly staff can contact you with more information on this Liberty Health range of products.